A documentary about Ramon Ayala

This documentary is a tribute and rediscovery of the work and creative process of Ramón Ayala, one of the great poets and authors of the guaraní Alto Paraná. The visual approach of director Marcos López, artist and photographer, with his quirky description of Latinoamerican pop culture, is in an ever present dialogue with Ayala’s work and attempts a visual reflection on argentinian cultural identity.

Malba (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415). JUNE 2015: friday 27th, 8 pm / JULY 2015: friday 4th, 8 pm; friday 18th, 9 pm; friday 25th, 9 pm / AUGUST 2015: friday 1st, 9 pm.
Gaumont (Rivadavia 1635): from 26th June 2015 to 2nd July 2015 at 3.20 and 6.15 pm.

Starring Ramón Ayala, Claudio Torres, Víctor Kesselman, Liliana Herrero, Tata Cedrón, Juan Falú y Tonolec.